Friday, May 29, 2009

Blue Jays are troublemakers

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Blue jay birds are often considered pesky birds, but they do have their positive traits. Here's everything you need to know about blue jay birds.

Blue Jays are troublemakers

Though blue jay birds are pleasing to look at because their purple-blue coloring is bright and different than the variety of gray and brown birds that hang around backyards, blue jay birds are a handful.

Blue jay birds can be difficult for other birds to handle and they can also bother humans. Blue jay birds are known for nest raiding. Rather than wait for a bird to abandon its nest before moving in, which is what many other birds do, blue jay birds will just barge in taking over the nest and the eggs or the babies that are already living in the nest.

Blue jay birds will also bump other birds off of a bird feeder. Though they're not the largest birds that you will see at your bird feeder, blue jay birds are a lot bigger than many other birds and will use their bulk and their aggressive behavior to move others off the bird feeder. The problem with this is, blue jay birds eat almost anything and so it's hard to find food to put in a bird feeder that blue jay birds will not eat.

Blue jay birds can be a pain in the neck for other birds, but they're also known to irritate humans. First of all, they're loud, which can be annoying. Secondly, they'll dive bomb humans if they get to close to their nests. Other birds will frantically chirp when you're getting too close, but these guys will try to knock you over!

Blue jay birds are also intelligent

Despite several mischievous habits, blue jay birds are very intelligent. They use their aggressive nature and dive bombing skills to get rid of any owls that land in their neighborhood. Owls will swoop down and grab blue jay birds in the middle of the night so, rather than waiting to disappear, blue jay birds repeatedly dive bomb the owl in the middle of the day until the owl leaves.

Blue jay birds also use their loud nature to warn other birds of predators. Blue jay birds are frequently the first birds to spot predators and warn other birds of the predator's presence.

One thing that blue jays can't use their intelligence to protect against is attacks from larger birds. Though they can force an owl out of its habitat, they are often dinner targets for birds of prey. This is because blue jay birds are larger and easier to catch than smaller birds

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