Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello! Since I already started this blog ages ago, I figured I'd just start using it again, maybe get a few pings out of the whole deal. Check out the pics and information after my little blog entry.

Reflection is nine-tenths of glory. To write, that is the thing which is. We're talking let it all out because as I always say, 'it's just practice!'

All indulgence aside, I am striving for nothing, losing nothing, gaining nothing and who knows maybe doing nothing. You gotta start somewhere.

I've just reached a place where birds talk and whales walk back out of the ocean. Thinking it might be a better idea to make a blog with mystery shorts. Readers vote on next day's outcome and find out if they voted in the majority by reading the next story.

Enough of this interior monologue. Until next time....Jay

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